Why Don’t America’s Rich Give More to Charity? – The Atlantic

Found this article interesting. My wife and I serve on the boards of directors of several organizations and donate to each of them, as well as other causes. I’ve never calculated the percentage of our annual income that we donate, but I’ve wondered how it would compare to what wealthier people donate. I do know the amount we donate is enough that we itemize our deductions on our annual income tax return.

I’m also wondering about the effects of the recent big changes to the tax laws.  How will the nonprofit organizations I support fare?  Will the “rich” with their reduced income taxes choose to donate more to charities than they did before?

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Searching and Researching on the Internet

Looking forward to teaching this course again for Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College.  It’s always a great experience.  I enjoy the range of students, from high school seniors to senior citizens, and learning new things myself in preparing the course each time.

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overhouseJust learned a new term: over-housed.  From what I understand, it means someone who lives in a dwelling with an empty bedroom.  Given that definition, I think I am over-housed.  Are you?  Is that unoccupied bedroom always unoccupied?  Is it your kid’s room and he/she may return anytime? Do your relatives expect that it is there for them whenever they come to visit?

That said, the context in which I learned this term was a local television news story about HomeShareSLO, a local nonprofit organization with the mission to help change lives by connecting people and homes.  From the organization’s website:

We facilitate matches between home providers–people with an extra room–and home seekers–those looking for a home.  It is a way to meet the housing challenges faced by seniors and others.

While I’m not ready to bring a third person into our home, I think the concept is a great idea!


What these teens learned about the Internet may shock you! – The Hechinger Report

When the AP United States history students at Aragon High School in San Mateo California, scanned the professionally designed pages of http://www.minimumwage.com, most concluded that it was a solid, unbiased source of facts and analysis. They noted the menu of research reports, graphics and videos, and the “About” page describing the site as a project […]

Source: What these teens learned about the Internet may shock you! – The Hechinger Report

How would George Mason make America great again? | SmartBrief

We often praise the Patrick Henrys of the world, the folks who explain their nonparticipation in particular change efforts as a principled stance. But perhaps George Mason is the better example both for our national politicians and for leaders in every company and organization in America today. Whether it is economic reform at the highest levels or new policies on leave or telework for your company, by being in the room, you can shape the debate even if you do not ultimately agree with the outcome.

Source: How would George Mason make America great again? | SmartBrief