overhouseJust learned a new term: over-housed.  From what I understand, it means someone who lives in a dwelling with an empty bedroom.  Given that definition, I think I am over-housed.  Are you?  Is that unoccupied bedroom always unoccupied?  Is it your kid’s room and he/she may return anytime? Do your relatives expect that it is there for them whenever they come to visit?

That said, the context in which I learned this term was a local television news story about HomeShareSLO, a local nonprofit organization with the mission to help change lives by connecting people and homes.  From the organization’s website:

We facilitate matches between home providers–people with an extra room–and home seekers–those looking for a home.  It is a way to meet the housing challenges faced by seniors and others.

While I’m not ready to bring a third person into our home, I think the concept is a great idea!



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