Critical Analysis and Information Literacy

In today’s globalized information age, an ever-increasing proportion of misinformation accompanies the burgeoning wealth of new and changing information. As students are bombarded with social and news media that blur lines between fact and opinion, they need guided experiences to build their critical analysis of information validity and value.

Source: Critical Analysis and Information Literacy | Edutopia

And to determine the validity of information is becoming a more and more difficult task!

Is it becoming too hard to fail?

School districts in the Washington area and across the country are adopting grading practices that make it more difficult for students to flunk classes, that give students opportunities to retake exams or turn in late work, and that discourage or prohibit teachers from giving out zeroes.

I encourage the folks in Fairfax County and elsewhere to read Schools Without Failure—a classic text from the 1970’s.

Source: Is it becoming too hard to fail? Schools are shifting toward no-zero grading policies – The Washington Post