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Overwhelming proof? Research shows 3 ways going digital improves student performance – eCampus News

Multiple research studies indicate that students show greater engagement and achievement when they use digital materials available via publishers.

However, please note that the various research studies were all conducted by or for companies peddling digital materials.

Source: Overwhelming proof? Research shows 3 ways going digital improves student performance – eCampus News


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November 14, 2016 · 12:29 pm

Critical Analysis and Information Literacy

In today’s globalized information age, an ever-increasing proportion of misinformation accompanies the burgeoning wealth of new and changing information. As students are bombarded with social and news media that blur lines between fact and opinion, they need guided experiences to build their critical analysis of information validity and value.

Source: Critical Analysis and Information Literacy | Edutopia

And to determine the validity of information is becoming a more and more difficult task!

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July 7, 2016 · 11:18 am

Realities of the Digital Age for Educators

What does effective leadership mean in the Digital Age? As administrators create modern digital learning environments, it is important to keep in mind what we mean by “Digital Learning”. Transitioning from print textbooks to dynamic digital resources has profound implications for education leadership. View this engaging webinar, led by Discovery Education’s Senior Director of Global Learning Initiatives Hall Davidson…

…and hosted by yours truly!

via TICAL – Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership.

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May 7, 2015 · 10:52 am