Here today, gone tomorrow – Take 2

Today, I realized another of my trusted tools has bitten the dust. I have used Outlook for many years. My life is there: calendar, contacts, tasks, email, and yes, even Journal. In Journal, I have recorded notes from umpteen meetings, logged phone calls, etc. etc. for both personal and private purposes. I love having everything in one place, searchable, on my own damn hard drive.

A couple weeks ago, I bought a new laptop. I ordered it with Microsoft Office 2013 Professional pre-installed.  Heck, why not upgrade while I’m going through the angst of setting up a new computer with all my old files and programs?  Stupid me.  I did no research ahead of time. Dumb.

Today I went to add an item to my Outlook Journal and guess what.  No Journal in the menu.  A little googling (not binging) yielded the information that Microsoft “removed” Journal from 2013.  Good God. What a perfect example of how we become dependent on tech tools (this one I even pay for, it ain’t free) and then they just go away.

Fortunately, Journal is still there hidden in the background; I found this piece that helped me get access.  Obviously I should have made an effort to see how Office 2013 was different from my previous version, but geeze.

And this is not special to Microsoft. Google does it all the time.  Living in the tech age is absolutely an example of caveat emptor.

Outlook 2013’s Journal: What works, what doesn’t work, and how to make Outlook’s Journal usable in Outlook 2013.

Source: Making the Journal work in Outlook 2013