A penny saved

There was an interesting piece on the NBC Nightly News last night called “How to Kickstart Your Savings Account.” It emphasized the importance of having a goal in mind and featured a current campaign on Twitter, #imsavingfor.


My past as a saver is checkered at best, but at least once, I did save toward a goal and it worked! This was years ago, and I wanted to get my first Cuisenart food processor. That was also when I still wrote checks at the supermarket, and I used coupons. I got this brilliant idea of having the checker tell me the total before crediting the coupons. I wrote my check for the full amount, so I ended up getting the value of the coupons as change. When I got home, I put the change in the proverbial jar in the cupboard. It took about a year but eventually, there was enough money in that jar to buy my…

Original Cuisenart food processor

and I’ve been processing happily ever after.