Take a look at the infographic below.


I’m all for using technology in education.  Nonetheless, this infographic bothers me.  It makes claims I question.

Technology is future oriented.  No, technology is.  It is not oriented one way or another, though certainly the people and organizations that control it strive to orient it to serve their purposes.

Learning becomes interesting.  Not necessarily.  It all depends on what you do with the technology.  I once attended traffic school online.  Very convenient; not interesting.

Improves skills.  Oh come on.  Tools alone do not improve skills.  In fact, when new tools are invented, the first challenge is learning to use them.  Having a set of clickers does not automatically improve my teaching skills.

Increases collaboration.  Only if I know how to and choose to do it.

Reduces weight.  Ultimately, I hope so.  In the short term, students are now carrying laptops along with books.  In my own life, I often find myself lugging a backpack stuffed with laptop, tablet, chargers, adapters, and other quite weighty technology.


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