Here today, on hiatus tomorrow

Disaster avoided through sheer luck.

Last Tuesday, I was part of a team doing a two-hour long workshop at the ISTE Leadership Forum in Indianapolis.  Diigo, the social bookmarking tool, was an absolutely critical part of our activities.  It worked fine.  The Internet in the hotel worked fine.  All went well.

A couple days later, I went to add a bookmark to my Diigo account and was startled to find the site had disappeared.  Even in Internet time such a sudden demise is not the norm.  Usually you get at least some notice when your favorite Web 2.0 tool is going away (see previous post).  A little googling rapidly uncovered the problem: Diigo’s domain had been hacked.  Diigo programmers scrambled to fix things but repairs took awhile.  The site seems to be functioning normally again now.   However, all I could think about was, “What if that had happend on Tuesday?”  Not a pretty picture.


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