Who are they kidding?

I’m taking a tangent from my usual pronouncements about things educational.  This post is about hospitals and cemeteries.  Yikes.

So the Super Bowl has just ended, and we had a moment of local commercials.  From one, I learned that Catholic Healthcare West (CHW), the owner of a hospital near my home,  has changed its name.  CHW changed its name to Dignity Health.  My immediate reaction was, “Gimme a break.” (Really, it was stick finger down throat.)   The new name does nothing for me.  I’m sure the corporation did not change its name without paying a consulting agency many, many dollars and gathering opinions from numerous focus groups, but I think they goofed.  I don’t like it.  Sounds like end-of-life care.  I can understand they needed to drop the “Catholic” in order not to put off anyone (we can still spell “politically correct,” right?).  Clearly, the corporate goal is to have more and more hospitals everywhere, and ideally have everyone who needs a hospital come to a Dignity hospital, but that goal does not make me happy.

As I reacted to the “We’re now Dignity Health” message, I thought of the equally annoying, to me, revised appellation of what was once Los Osos Valley Cemetery.  Now, it’s “Simple Tribute” Los Osos.  As I said earlier, “Gimme a break.”



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