Finding Irony Where There Is Some

As a United Express flight attendant might put it, I’ve been “preoccupied with other attentions” of late and been derelict in my blogging duty.   This morning I saw a typo in the newspaper that sent me straight to my keyboard.

I was reading the Washington Post article, “Citing ‘just war,’ Obama accepts peace prize.”  Among other things, it highlighted the irony in our President accepting a prize for his contribution to peace in the world “just over a week after announcing an escalation of the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan.”

It’s fine with me for the President to accept the prize despite his decision to send 30,000 additional troops off to do battle.  I assume it’s a “conditions-based” decision.  What tickled me, however, was the unintended irony resulting from an errant keystroke in the discussion of the “buckling” of the “old architecture” of world diplomacy.  It seems the United Nations truly is coming apart—the organization has been rechristened “the Untied Nations.”


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